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Billy Regan


Head Coach)

At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, my confidence took a hit and I found myself thinking whether I would be able to still play sports and do whatever my friends were doing without any hassle or worry. I soon realised that it can be managed through good nutrition and exercise and to this day I can say it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything.


It was from there I began a healthy way of living through proper nutrition and then partnered with weight training in my late teenage years. I was able to see the true benefits of a healthy lifestyle and just how drastically it can change your life.


I am constantly keeping myself updated with new training techniques and nutrition.


No matter what your dreams, I can take you there ! You just have to take the first step !

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Jared Regan


Head Coach)

My philosophy towards personal training has always been practice what you preach.


 I have a passion for transforming clients into the confident and driven person they were meant to be physically and mentally.


I achieve this through various nutrition methods and correct training protocols to fit your specific goal or target.



From competing in INBA/ICN Bodybuilding competitions and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, each with top placings.

I know first-hand what it takes to get your mind and body in top shape.



Established in 2013,


Owned and Operated by two brothers with a passion for Health and Fitness.


Specializing in Over 30's Personal Training.

Proven Long-Term Results in Strength, Pain Management and Mobility.