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Personal Training

The number one method for those serious about changing their lifestyle and improving themselves for the better.


If you are reading this allow us to help you achieve those goals which you may think are unattainable.

We want you to get the Maximum Return on your Investment when it comes to results with us and we certainly don't use shortcuts or gimmicks to get it. Our Training Methods are tried and tested. We take care of everything for you,

so you can rest assured that your Nutrition and Training is in the hands of an Expert. We also look into your Lifestyle and Goal Setting, leaving no stone unturned.


We provide constant ongoing support and accountability. To help you stay on track and continue to work towards your goals.

This isn't just a job for us, we truly want you

to succeed.

No we aren't your regular Personal Trainer's, where you are thrown into the same training program as everyone else and placed on minimal calories for an endless amount of time.


We guarantee along with the changes to your body you will feel better and stronger, no matter what your goal.

Book a FREE Consultation, there is absolutely no Obligation.

 PERSONAL Training
1-4 times per week

After going through all the information gathered during our Initial consultation. We then design a program just for you and your goal.

Taking into account any pre-existing injuries and addressing instabilities/weaknesses. A successful transformation doesn't happen overnight and you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to allow your body to change. 

lifestyle & goal setting

Why this may all sound a bit much,

there's a good chance you have been down this road before.

You may have worked with a PT previously, been a member of a gym for a number of years or tried every diet under the sun but are still unable to achieve your desired results. In order to help you push past that plateau its important to set clear goals and look into your lifestyle, in most cases a couple of small simple changes can have profound effects.


There is far too much misinformation out there when it comes to Nutrition, with what seems like a new diet or super food popping up each week. Dependent on your Goals, we use a number of methods ranging from very specific plans to just slight alteration's with what you are currently doing.

Body Assessment & tracking

Depending on your Goal we will take Regular Body Measurements as well as your body fat percentage to not only show you how well your are progressing or how drastically your body is changing but also to determine how well your body is adjusting to the nutrition and training applied to it.

Movement Assessment

Our Movement Assessment is an analysis of your current movement patterns that we believe are key for optimal function and everyday life. We test these through a range of different exercises to further individualize your training program and identify any areas you may need to work on going forward. After all an incredible transformation is only as good as the base on which it is built.

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