Billy Regan


Head Coach)

At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, my confidence took a hit and I found myself thinking whether I would be able to still play sports and do whatever my friends were doing without any hassle or worry. I soon realised that it can be managed through good nutrition and exercise and to this day I can say it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything.


It was from there I began a healthy way of living through proper nutrition and then partnered with weight training in my late teenage years. I was able to see the true benefits of a healthy lifestyle and just how drastically it can change your life.


I am constantly keeping myself updated with new training techniques and nutrition.


No matter what your dreams, I can take you there ! You just have to take the first step !


(Physiqueology Coach)

I’ve been lucky enough to be in the fitness industry for over 15 years and I’ve had the privilege of helping numerous people from all different ages, sizes, shapes & walks of life achieve their Health & Fitness goals.

Over the years I developed my skill set to accommodate for multiple barriers that pop up in my clients lives that prevent them from accomplishing a strong & healthy life.


My experience covers various disciplines ranging from Physio Clinics dealing special populations to Strength & Conditioning with sporting teams.


So, rest assured that the greatest care will be taken to formulate the safest and most effective program for your fitness requirements.

Jared Regan


Head Coach)

My philosophy towards personal training has always been practice what you preach.


 I have a passion for transforming clients into the confident and driven person they were meant to be physically and mentally.


I achieve this through various nutrition methods and correct training protocols to fit your specific goal or target.



From competing in INBA/ICN Bodybuilding competitions and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, each with top placings.

I know first-hand what it takes to get your mind and body in top shape.


(Physiqueology Coach)



Established in 2013,

Physiqueology is a Fully Private, Purpose Built Personal Training Facility.


Owned and Operated by two brothers with a passion for Health and Fitness.


Specializing in Over 30's Personal Training.

Proven Long-Term Results in Strength, Pain Management and Mobility.


Situated in beautiful Robina at an easy to find location.



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